Dark Screen Productions

Dark Screen Productions is a one-man band and proud of it: 
Paul Manley is my name.  Coding is my game.

Mobirise Web Site Generator

Website Creation

First commission in 1998

By experiencing the evolution of the internet from its start my skills evolved alongside it. A true education.

I create both static websites such as this one and dynamic websites for data gathering, mailing list compilation and bespoke surveys.

Responsive Websites

Re-sizeable websites

One of Bootstrap 4's big points is responsiveness and I make effective use of this by generating highly responsive websites for you.

This means that it can be viewed properly on any screen be they PC, MAC, Android, I-phone or laptop.

Photoshop Skills

I love good graphics

I have been using graphics software since it was born. Retouching, cropping, blemish and wrinkle removal. Logo design is great fun.

I love to work with good quality pictures. I never use copyrighted images.

Data Acquisition & Presentation

Learn from your clients

A combination of HTML5, PHP and MYSQL results in mass survey capabilties along with email feedback systems and payment processing.

For a bespoke survey, especially in the health field, please speak to me.

Search Engine Optimisation

The step to fame

Social media is very good for getting the word out but has its limits depending on your subject.

SEO is specific content driven. It is also speed driven. Thus it is crucial to create fast loading sites or your google position will suffer.

Website Hosting

Hosting, databases and email

My own dedicated sever has acres of space on it for your website if you wish. Hosting fees are currently £100 per year.

Having my own server means that I can get email and website up and running with a holding page within one hour!

Website Repair:

Occasionally I am asked to examine a website because it is sick. I put my website doctor hat on snake my way through the conundrums that messy websites present. Frequently the clients webperson has simply gone missing.

Sometimes the intermediary company who hosts ( or pretends to be editing ) your website will not be in control of the people contracted to do the job, messages get confused and lost and nothing happens. In which case give me the 'keys' and I will investigate and hopefully cure your malady. At the least, I can tell you what your next steps should be.

I steer clear of a Content Management System like Wordpress, Joomla for production purposes. However, if you have a problem with your installation or edits, plugins, slow loading speeds or just a general cock-up, I can usually help.

If the client wants to update their website then I can build a bespoke CMS for them or I can provide my services to make edits as directed by them. Priced at an hourly rate.

A diagnostic test of your website loading speed can reveal the many errors which are making it sluggish or dysfunctional.

My services are priced in modular form depending on your needs. Each quote is bespoke.
I work 34 hours per week on website related tasks. I am available by phone, text or mail every day at all waking hours.

Why do I do it?

Stubborn is my  middle name when it comes to websites, like a dog with a bone, I don't let go or give up because I love making them.

I am VERY responsive to urgent edits, I can even make minor edits from my mobile. 

Clients are usually a bit lost. One must be fairly certain of what you want from your website. As such I like to discuss the nature of fledgling businesses before we begin. I then write a plan which specifies 'modules' all priced. Some of the modules are necessary, some are optional and could be added later on. The plan will include detailed intructions for our collaboration.

Portfolio of recent websites


Christopher Glynn

Chris is a Grammy award-winning pianist and accompanist working with leading singers, musicians and ensembles throughout the world..

Torquil Munro 

Torquil Munro is a musical director, pianist, conductor and composer for all media. He brings a wealth of knowledge to any project.

Michael Dussek

 Chamber Musician and Internationally Renowned Recording Artist. Widely recognised as an exceptionally versatile and accomplished pianist. 

Roy Smith

Rock guitarist. Cover band 'All right now'.
Vintage amplifier restoration. Inventor of guitar effects for guitar and excellent all-round musician. 


Michael Jacobsen

Michael Jacobsen is an entertainment entrepreneur. He is the Executive Chairman of a management group overseeing arenas, convention centers and stadiums. Global operations.

European Leisure Management

Proudly produced by European Leisure Management: Clients include Sir Elton John, Three tenors, Barbra Streisand, The Bolshoi Ballet, Bruce Springsteen, Usher
and many others


Paul Manley Clinic

One of London's longest established Musculo-skeletal specialists. Interactive anatomy, articles on specific health topics.

Douglas Anderson

Onsite massage solution for companies in London who realise the importance of increasing motivation and of rewarding employees hard work and dedication.

Trigger Point Therapy London

All about trigger points. Maps of the points, what to do about them. Where they radiate pain and the usual syndromes illustrated.

Massage Research

A collation of research on the  effects of massage on neuro-transmitters, gastro-intestinal motility, psychological, psychiatric and infant problems, stress.

Other examples

Workplace Wellness London

Assess employees who may be suffering from repetitive strain injuries and/or work related stress. Data analysis and reporting for employers to monitor employees health.


With this draft website I was treated to some beautiful pictures to work with. A slightly experimental sideways scrolling site with minimalist approach to navigation and content presentation.

DJ Rogue Music

An opening door effect for a menu system. Rogue is a talented composer and producer of Pop, R & B, Hip Hop, House, TV and Film.